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Tara Nelson

Tara is a U.S. Army veteran with an adventurous soul. She has her B.S. from the University of Oklahoma. Her work experience, education, and commitment to high standards make her an excellent manager.

My Story

Tara grew up in Oklahoma and Texas. From the time she could walk, she rode horses, competing in dressage and show jumping. Tara played tennis and golf through high school. Then attended the University of Oklahoma, where she obtained her B.S. in Health and Exercise Science. During college, Tara joined the U.S. Army as a Psychological Operations Specialist and paratrooper. She served for eight years.


Tara has traveled extensively and enjoys experiencing new cultures and constantly learning. She is very adventurous and enjoys everything from a leisurely hike to snowboarding, skydiving, and activities that test her limits. Tara believes having high standards, a great work ethic, and a positive outlook on life will take you very far.

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